The Importance Of Same Sex Couple’s Mental And Emotional Health

Same sex couples are finally being recognized as legal unions in many countries around the world. However, a gay divorce attorney in New York City resent that there are some couples that live in areas where lesbian and gay marriage are still not accepted. As a result, the emotional and mental health of many same sex couples has been negatively affected.

What Is Same Sex Marriage?

Same sex marriage, also referred to as gay marriage, is a marriage between two people who are of the same sex. The marriage can be conducted as a civil ceremony or as a religious ceremony. In the latter part of the 20th century, religious ceremonies without legal acknowledgement became increasingly common among same sex couples.

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The Netherlands was the first jurisdiction to recognize marriage between spouses of the same sex. This law was enacted in 2001. As of April 2016, there are over ten countries that allow couples of the same sex to get married. There is a law in Finland that is very similar to other laws in these ten countries, but it has not been enacted yet. There are surveys and polls that have been conducted that are calling for these laws to be put in place in Europe, Australia and the Americas.

As of 2016, South Africa is the only country on the continent of Africa that recognizes same sex marriages, and there are no countries in Asia that recognize same sex marriages.

Other Terms

There are some organizations that use terms such as equal marriage and marriage equality when speaking about same sex marriage. The opponents of same sex marriages often call it the redefinition of marriage or redefining marriage.

Health Issues Among Same Sex Couples

There was a study conducted that concluded that couples who once lived or still live in areas where same sex marriage is banned have an increase in psychiatric disorders, more than double have other issues such as anxiety disorders.

Image result for sex marriage and the communityThe author of this studied has also concluded that it is vital that these types of institutional bonds are eliminated, especially those that can negatively affect the overall well-being and mental health of gay and lesbian couples. Institutional discrimination has been defined as discrimination that limits a person to opportunities and resources that can improve their societal-level conditions.

Activists have also claimed that marriage is good for a man whether he is gay or straight because engaging in the role as husband helps to reduce his promiscuity and aggression.

Same sex couples have been recognized by many countries. As more countries begin to recognize homosexual unions, the fewer related health issues and institutional discrimination these couples will have to deal with.