Learn About The Risks Of Asbestos Exposure For Plumbers

There are many occupational hazards out there, and plumbers are definitely aware of the ones that affect them. However, asbestos exposure might not always be at the forefront of a plumber’s mind. It’s not like asbestos is still being used in the plumbing and construction industries. You likely knew it was once used in construction, but did you know that it was used in plumbing materials, too?

As a matter of fact, Image result for what happens when a plumber is exposed to asbestosa plumber fromĀ http://mtpplumbing.com/ said they didn’t stop using it in plumbing materials until 1980. Anytime plumbers work on a home that was built before 1980, they have to take this into consideration. They might run into plumbing fixtures that have this old asbestos additive. Not only that, but plumbers have to think about their exposure prior to 1980 if they have been in the business that long.

Asbestos exposure is related to mesothelioma, which is a very deadly form of cancer. There are also other asbestos related illnesses. Working on homes built prior to 1980 was mentioned, but think about industrial facilities. Many of them have been around for years and years, and so any work done on the plumbing at those facilities would definitely require that proper precautions be taken.

It’s not just important to know that there is a risk of exposure still out there but also how the risks come into play. Also, what happens when a plumber is exposed to asbestos? The asbestos fibers actually get caught and build up inside your body, and that is how the damage occurs over time. That being said, plumbers need to be checked out to see if asbestos fibers have been trapped in their bodies. If there are asbestos fibers, a plumber’s condition can be monitored.

Image result for what happens when a plumber is exposed to asbestosWhat plumbers don’t need to do is put off such an appointment, thinking nothing has happened to them. One source mentions how plumbers don’t often know they’ve even been exposed to asbestos, as symptoms don’t usually make them go running to a doctor. Every plumber would benefit from a checkup and to know they definitely need to be watching out for asbestos exposure in the future.

It’s all about early detection, and you want to be sure that you’re in the know when it comes to asbestos exposure. As a plumber, you are aware of the various risks that come with your occupation, and you have to take them seriously. Take asbestos exposure seriously, and let others you work with know about it, too.