Safety Threats Faced By HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors are important because without them, our homes would not have proper AC or furnace installations or even repairs. They are the guys you call when you find out your water heater is not heating water properly and within a short time this problem is fixed.

However, Great Dane, an HVAC contractors said, no job comes without safety threats and this is one that has most of them. Here are some of the safety threats faced by HVAC contractors.

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Getting Struck By Objects.

While fixing machines it is not unlikely to find that the contractor gets hit by machinery, often heavy ones. This is cause for alarm as it can cause serious bodily harm. It is advisable to work with a partner so that if this happens and the person is unconscious, help can be called immediately. It is also wise to operate while wearing safety gear such as helmets to protect the head.

Getting Electrocuted.

This is a major safety threat when dealing with electrical equipment. Failure to turn off switches can cause to dangerous harm or even death if you get electrocuted by dangerous amounts of electricity. When operating any electrical equipment, it is best to turn off power in the whole house and remove all plugs from power sockets. This way if there is anyone else in the house, they are not at risk of electrocution as well.

Bad Falls.

When working on high buildings or on roofs, it is possible for a ladder to give away or for a cord to get cut. This can result in a bad fall that could injure the contractor seriously. When working on roofs or high buildings, equipment should be crosschecked to ensure that it is able to support the weight of that person. Old equipment should also be replaced with new ones of good quality.

Getting Limbs Stuck.

This happens often during HVAC repairs or installations. A contractor may get their hand or foot jammed in a machine and be unable to pry it out. If the machine is heavy, this can be dangerous and could lead to blood loss. Some of the accidents even end up with a person getting amputated. It is best to always wear the right gloves and use the right equipment to avoid this.

Apart from that, contractors should have extra perosnell with them in case of accidents like this.

Safety protocols must always be observed to prevent unnecessary safety threats.